Friday, December 28, 2012

Google + eLearning project January 2013

The project is to use as many Google/Google+ tools for eLearning with graduates and undergraduates at the University of Minnesota.

Starting with a Google sites template,, the project bases site design and functionality on gamification strategy, personal learning networks, and connectivist learning theory.

Google applications: Google +, Hangouts, calendar, email, charts, Drive, docs, Blogger.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Design your own news feeds and favorite blogger updates so they're sent to you every day via RSS. 

You need a reader in order to view your RSS feeds.

How to use Google Reader

  1. Open Google +   (UMN Help)
  2. Select the More dropdown menu and select Reader
  3. Set up Google Reader.

Can self-directed learners improve their own writing with online tools and peer feedback? 

That is the key question for exploration on this blog where I research Google apps, test them, reflect on outcomes, create learning artifacts and share them, track what others are doing, and keep sharing what I find.