Friday, January 18, 2013 turns minutes into seconds

As a participant in #etmooc I was introduced to the writing tool on BlackBoard Collaborate that enables dozens of participants to type responses to questions on a virtual white board. It's fun to watch the page populate with ideas (silently). 

I was hoping to find something similar to use without having to use BB and now I find, referenced in The Cultivating Change blog

I’ll use to give more students a chance to make their ideas visible. Instead of taking minutes to learn what a few students think about a topic, I can take seconds to find out what they all think.


  1. I tried using with 22 students last night and the app was pretty buggy. Comments would freeze up on the mural and couldn't be moved around. Posts were cut off mid-keystroke by others adding posts. The arrows generated automatically by comments were in the way. So--I'm no longer enthusiastic.

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