Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Purposeful Information Design

Prezis often let style and motion overwhelm content. In an exceptional case from Clint Stephens, below, a familiar and relevant image unifies title, content, visual design, and it makes content accessible thanks to spikey chunking; makes content manageable by enabling procedural narrative.
Content categories make hour scannable by quadrant. Radiating minutes divide quadrants by topic while conquering disorientation via topic continuity along the horizontal dimension—a design that exploits the left/right orientation of nav arrows on the Prezi interface.

Equal attention to verbal concision would reduce syllable count by 40% or more—a step that would make text as scannable as the rest of the design.

Original (See “Tap Forms Online” at 10 o’clock): 58 words. 88 syllables.
“Tap forms is an incredible tool for classroom projects and data collection. Not only will it replace the old clipboard, but it will also capture locations and photos – no need for a separate GPS or camera! Once the data is captured, it’s simple to export it out on a CSV file (a zipped archive if you have photos).”

Revised: 31 words (46% savings). 49 syllables (45% savings)
For classroom projects and data collection
Replaces old clipboard
Captures locations and photos
No GPS or camera required
Export data via CSV
Zip photo archives

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